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"This was the first time I had factored anything with your company but I was very impressed with the quality and quick service I received. I have factored with other companies over the years and many times what you see is, not what you get, but not in this case. You made the switch very easy!  I will continue to factor with CJM. Thank you for your prompt service." S. Cortez – Arizona

Invoice Factoring with CJM Financial, Inc.

Invoice Factoring with CJM Financial, Inc.

Since 1993, CJM Financial, Inc. has been helping large and small companies manage and control their businesses through our simple invoice factoring programs. Whether you’re a thriving business or a new start up, cash flow challenges can constrain your operations. Often times, traditional lenders may not be inclined to see your existing accounts receivable for what they really are—Cash Value Assets.

We will help you...

CJM Financial, Inc. understands what it means for a business to be financially secure. To a small or medium-sized business, security means having the capital to expand, purchase new inventory , fund marketing efforts, and explore new business opportunities.

CJM will do whatever it takes to help businesses with their day-to-day needs, and help those companies who may not qualify elsewhere. And we do it with an ease and simplicity that is unmatched in business today.

At CJM we believe businesses are entitled to financial security.

Start factoring today and start dreaming up new ways to make your business grow even faster!